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The drama, directed by gilles paquetbrenner, hits theaters in the u. When we met for the first time, he told me about how he saw my sarah. Sarahs key, holocaust film by gilles paquetbrenner the new. Sarahs key unlocks painful memories of the shoah the jewish. The novel is a holocaust blend of history, drama, and suspense, published now in more than forty countries. Todays deals vouchers amazonbasics best sellers gift ideas new releases gift cards. Sarahs key director on why history must go deeper than.

Danielle berrin interviews french filmmaker gilles paquetbrenner. Elle sappelait sarah is a 2010 french drama directed and cowritten by gilles paquetbrenner. I did have control, but i trusted him from the start. Author finds catharsis in sarahs key houston chronicle. Kristin scottthomas stars in the movie adaptation by gilles paquetbrenner 2010. The journalist, played by kristen scott thomas, discovers her new home. Sarahs key movie unlocks some french holocaust history. Sarahs key deftly alternates between past and present. Tatiana published a secret kept also written directly in english in september 2010 in the usa. Paquetbrenner was suggesting that his latest, sarahs key, might be the holocaust movie for this moment. It is the story of an americanborn investigative journalist, played by kristin scott thomas, who is. Sarah will eventually escape, but the years to come will not be easy. Melusine mayance as sarah in gilles paquetbrenners film sarahs key. Patrick mcdonald of interviews gilles paquetbrenner, director of the new film sarahs key.

Called boomerang in europe, this book, written in english, is also an international besteller published in 15 countries and movie rights have been sold. Its the best movie ive seen so far this year, and indeed the best i can recall watching for quite some little while. That was partly because the plot engrossed him and. Moving with her french husband into a new home that has been in his. Buy sarahs key directed by gilles paquetbrenner online at alibris. But director gilles paquetbrenner places his narrative focus on the wrong character, weakening the films impact as. Sarahs key directed by gilles paquetbrenner available. I had seen the movie starring kristin scott thomas, a couple of years ago but wanted to see it again after just finishing the nightingale, by kristin hannah. Danielle berrin interviews sarahs key director gilles paquet. Sarahs key unlocks painful memories of the shoah the. But sarahs key, the film and the book, is not quite the historical. Julia kristin scott thomas is an american journalist who has long lived in. Kristin scott thomas, melusine mayance, niels arestrup, frederic pierrot, michel duchaussoy, dominique frot, natasha mashkevich, with the participation of gisele casadesus and aidan quinn in. Sarahs key unlocks a harrowing, erajumping drama observer.

Az films presents sarahs key, directed by gilles paquet. Danielle berrin interviews sarahs key director gilles. Sarahs key, holocaust film by gilles paquetbrenner. The film ignited soulsearching by a new french generation and the creation.

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