Book fulfillment and distribution

We manage over 26,000,000 books in inventory comprised of over 124,000 titles. Book fulfillment services from efs allow publishers and authors to transform several fixed costs, such as warehouse rent and labor, into predictable variable costs that more closely align with your order volume. Distribution and fulfillment beautiful books are just the beginning. We have traditional, leatherbound, journaledition, large print, unindexed, foreign language, pocket sizes and more. Fulfillment services book fulfillment order fulfillment. The paperback can have an isbn you bought or one assigned by kdp. During this period when we are all challenged with supporting new methods of teaching, learning, and living, rittenhouse has solutions that can assist you and your patrons with these needs. The advantages of fulfillment for book distribution. Its nationwide network of warehouses ensures one to twoday delivery across the u. Many successful book launches have relied on our book fulfillment services to help kickstart the books initial success. Discover why weve been called the ultimate choice in order fulfillment. Our itasca books division provides fullservice distribution to help small and large publishers reach their markets.

Btps welcomes all inquiries but is very selective when evaluating potential publishers. Book fulfillment solutions for publishers national fulfillment services. Jenkins group works closely with authors and publishers to create and execute highly effective pre and postpublication marketing and distribution service plans. Itasca books operates its own order processing, warehouse, and shipping facilities in close coordination with bookmobile. Pathway book service book fulfillment and distribution. The following list of book distributors and wholesalers features the largest distributors at the top, followed by distributors in alphabetic order scroll down for book distributors in canada and uk. Due to an abundance of caution and following developments relating to preventive measures taken for health in the region regarding the coronavirus covid19, we have made the decision to pause all fulfillment center tours in north america. R2 digital library expanded solutions and retail services external covid19 resources. Specifically, in north america we currently have more than. Our catalog features a wide variety of unusual, unique and hardtofind books, videos, cds, and audios.

Interested in book warehousing and fulfillment with btps. Pathway book service provides flatfee fulfillment services for publishers of any size, as well as distribution, publishing and e book conversion. Or books sells books direct to consumer on their website, bookmobile collects the orders via a shopping cart api feed bigcommerce and we fulfill the orders. Ipg operates six different distribution programs to meet the particular needs of various kinds of publishers and market segments. If you are interested in applying for distribution with ipg, please view our publisher contact information or send us a message and we will contact you shortly. Publishing and book fulfillment national fulfillment services offers publishing companies a robust directtoconsumer and b2b platform to manage a full spectrum of support services necessary to achieve book fulfillment goals. At blitzprint, we dont distribute books, and we think its important that you know why. Warehouse distribution and operations handbook mcgrawhill handbooks. Seaspace provide a one stop logistics service for publishers and printers.

Book fulfillment company fulfillment services for publishers. Also includes detailed information on 30 distributors, 4 library book distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 3 sales reps to the major book chains, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library book wholesalers, and 23 spanishlanguage. Sep 10, 2019 fedex fulfillment delivers the most comprehensive set of small business fulfillment services at surprisingly competitive rates. Put book ordering on autopilot with automatic fulfillment along with access to our many book distribution locations. Warepak offers efficient book fulfillment services, warehousing and order fulfillment services for publishers and associations. Our book distribution network can also set you up to sell printed books on amazon. Book distribution services cardinal publishers group. Since our inception 40 years ago, we have served hundreds of publishers in a variety of markets. But the selfpublisher may indeed need what the trade calls distributors to booksellers, book distribution services or fulfillment warehouses in these cases. Together, we create, we build, and we take ownership for what we do whether were developing new technology inhouse, launching a new amazon fulfillment center, or delighting our customers by delivering packages directly to them. Offering the worlds most expansive book distribution network, pgw ensures all of your book inventory management and fulfillment needs are met. But the selfpublisher may indeed need what the trade calls distributors to booksellers, book distribution services or fulfillment. The advantages of fulfillment in your book distribution plan. Itasca books book warehousing and fulfillment services.

Bookmobile provides book fulfillment drop ship services for hundreds of publishers, including. To enroll your paperback in expanded distribution, it must be available on and meet these requirements. If you have chosen the print on demand book printing route, go to our page about print on demand. Below is a list of the complete book fulfillment services offered from efs. Shop our large selection of bibles, books of mormon, and triple combinations. Professional design, development, and marketing services also available. Book warehousing and fulfillment services itasca books. Tour one of our fulfillment centers and see firsthand how we deliver to you. Bch is an independent book distributor and fulfillment house. Warehouse distribution and operations handbook mcgraw. List of book distributors and wholesalers nonfiction.

On a daily basis, we ship over 64,000 books to a variety of retailers and consumers. Ever wonder how amazon gets your packages to you so quickly. Pwd offers a turnkey solution to accommodate marketing strategies and. Warepak provides publishers and associations with fulfillment services, warehousing, storage, distribution, returns processing and more. Print on demand book distribution sell books on amazon. Book distribution services fulfillment maple logistics. And thats just what bookbaby delivers with our print on demand book distribution services. Were constantly creating the ideas, services, and products that make life easier for millions of customers. Cardinal publishers group is dedicated to achieving excellence in distribution services for our client publishers, and providing firstrate customer care to the individuals and corporations that buy our publishers books. Itasca books fulfills both consumer and book trade orders for bookmobile. Across the globe, amazon has more than 175 operating fulfillment centers and more than 150 million square feet of space where associates pick, pack, and ship millions of customer orders to the tune of millions of items per year. Book fulfillment solutions for publishers national. Now that your books are complete, the real challenges of publishing must be met head on. The wellbeing of our employees and guests are of paramount importance to us.

This means plenty of options for publishers ready to take the next easy step toward a more lucrative global distribution strategy. If you need books printed, we can help to get you your selfpublished book printed with our excellent quality printing services. So take a look at book distribution from ingrams vantage point. Once your book is printed, its time for distributionthe process of getting the book into the hands of readers. We make sure your book s demand is properly supplied. Being able to sell your printed books in stores is great, but being able to sell them in the biggest bookstores all over the world is the dream of every writer. At, regardless of whether you use us for printing, we offer two distribution channels. We specialise in the distribution of books and publications in the uk and beyond. Comprehensive fulfillment services for ecommerce, catalog and retail merchants including order processing, order fulfillment and live operator support.

Across the globe, amazon has more than 175 operating fulfillment centers and more than 150 million square feet of space where associates pick, pack, and ship millions of amazon. Book fulfillment partner warehouse and distribution. Book distributors help publishers get their books placed into bookstores, libraries, specialty stores, schools and other markets. Direct to consumer fulfillment and e book distribution has never been easier. Fulfillment is a form of distribution that allows you to cut out thirdparty retailers and wholesalers, such as amazon or ingram, to sell directly to consumers from your website, without having to pack and ship orders yourself. Book distribution and how your book gets to readers. Thank you for your interest in the bch small press distribution program.

Expanded distribution is an option for all kdp publishers, regardless of where they live. How book distribution and fulfillment function book printing. Fulfillment services book fulfillment order fulfillment thirdparty. Distribution services independent publishers group. Extensive operational, marketing and financial reporting systems. Maple logistics has a rich history in the book distribution field.

With over 35 years experience, our publishing and book fulfillment clients experience custom solutions to meet their specific business needs. Order processing, packaging and distribution, print and lettershop, customer care, inventory management, returns management, payment processing, and project management. Wholesale books for retailers fulfillment, ordering ingram. Total publishing coverage, from design consultation to international and domestic sales to customer service and reportingsales and distribution support that. Warehouse distribution and operations handbook mcgrawhill handbooks mulcahy, david on amazon. A robust fulfillment, warehouse and distribution system.

Pathway book service provides flatfee fulfillment services for publishers of any size, as well as distribution, publishing and ebook conversion. Btps would serve as a publishing partner under a warehousing and fulfillment agreement, handling practical operational functions such as order processing, invoicing, collecting, and customer service. Drop ship your books to any destination us or international. Amazon is the most trusted online book retailer, having paved the way many years ago. Fulfillment services warehousing distribution serving. Many successful book launches have relied on our book fulfillment services to help kickstart the book s initial success. You wont need distribution services or warehouses if your book is marketed by a traditional publisher. Bch independent books and book distribution and fulfillment. Being a small press, one would think the opportunity for thoughtful freedom and a welcoming channel into the independent bookstore world would be as seamless as a handshake, a smile, and a nicely printed book, this couldnt be further from the truth.

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