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For example, students who engage in examination malpractice are more likely to be dishonest in other aspect of their life. Nigeria has a deplorable value system, therefore immoral acts such as cheating, dishonesty including embezzlement and stealing of public funds and properties do not attract the condemnation and punishment they deserve. It is irregular or illegal behavior deliberate or inadvertent conduct of a candidate before, during and after any examination or examination. Examination malpractice is an illegal behaviour by a candidate before, during or after the examination so that heshe can attain success easily and cheaply. Scholarship and research it is amidst these contents that examination malpractice has been found to be a challenge to the. Examination malpractice has done a lot of harm to students since many of them have neglected their books with the hope of performing the magic they are used to performing in every examination. Causes of examination malpractice on the standard of. Other factors responsible for examination malpractice such as emphasis on paper qualification, parents desire for their children to pass at all cost or means possible. Examination malpractice can be attributed to several factors.

Causes, consequences and probable solutions asore e. It is rampant in secondary schools, colleges, polytechnics, and universities. The examination malpractice act 1999 defined examination malpractice as any act of omission or commission by a person who in anticipation of, before, during or after any examination fraudulently secure any unfair advantage for himself or any other person in such a manner that. Employment of unqualified teachers, lack of regular payment to teachers, government take over of schools, nigeria nature of paper qualification or quest for materialism, bad company. Causes and effects of examination malpractice in society. The aim of this study therefore is to assess the prevalence, causes, and consequences of examination malpractice on the measurement of. Correlates of examination malpractice among secondary. Leakageprior knowledge this is when candidates have knowledge of examination questions before the time of examination. Challenges to human resource development in nigeria 94 research centre for management and social studies individual and national economy moral upbringing of generations. This scenario took an unprecedented surge in 1963 when two public examinations of 1967, 1977, 1981 and 1987 leaked. The problem of examination malpractices in nigeria seems to be as old as the introduction of formal system of education. The dangers that examination malpractice pose include perpetual condemnation of ones conscience whereby the carrier of the fake certificate is constantly under the persecution of carrying. Education is the bedrock of growth and development of any economy and the extent. Genda 2008 identified under funding, lack of motivation for teachers, wrong values, family factors and personality issues as major factors contributing to examination malpractice in nigeria.

Examination malpractice has many effects on students, teachers, educational institutions and the educational system as a whole. Occurs when a registered candidate engageshires some other person to sit the examination on hisher behalf. The analysis of national examinations council neco ssce novemberdecember 2009 results released by the body and published in the nation newspaper of 15th april 2010, puts the number of examination malpractice cases at 236,6 of the candidates that sat for the examination table 1. Check below for some helpful solutions to examination malpractices in nigeria. Examination malpractice also known as cheating is the illegal action that students take during their examinations to try to make good grades by cutting corners. Causes of examination malpractice in nigeria schools 34 issn 20546351 print, issn 2054636x online omemu, felix ph. Get custom paper iv jega 2006 saw examination malpractice as any form of misbehaviour that leads to the alteration of or a tempering with the prescribed ways of conducting examination in any given system.

Causes of examination malpractice among secondary school. If this happens to you there are very good medical malpractice attorneys for you. Examination malpractice examination has two main distinct concepts. D niger delta university, educational foundations department wilberforce island, bayelsa state abstract. There is a general worry about the poor quality of education in nigeria. Examination malpractice act of 1999 should be amended to incorporate that section of decree 20 of 1984 which stipulated twentyone years imprisonment without option of a fine for a convicted culprit. Examination malpractice is any act of wring doing or neglect that contravenes the rules of. How to curb examination malpractices in nigeria by godday. And the act should be diligently enforced no matter whose ox is gored.

The study employed the descriptive survey design which covered all the secondary schools in benue state. Abstract examination occupies a very strategic position in our lives both in education and in industries. These are adolescents who are studying at an institution. Examination malpractices and students poor performance in. Bamigbala modibbo adama university of technology, nigeria 2o. It can also mean peeping through someones answers during exams. When however, irregularity or examination malpractice occurs, then the validity and resulting outcome is. In spite of these bedeviling effects of examination malpractice, examination results serve many purposes.

Health insurance fraud is an everyday occurrence and it can be extremely difficult to protect yourself against it. He furthermore found that out of the 909,888 pupils who sat for the senior secondary certificate examinations in year 2002, 95,519 of them were involved in examination fraud. The main purpose of examination is for certification of achievement. Forms and methods of examination malpractice examination malpractice has many forms as the perpetrators adopt various methods to succeed in their nefarious activities. Supervisors and custodians of examination papers are reflection of the wider society. Examination malpractice also known as cheating is the illegal action that students take during their examinations to try to. Examination malpractice causes, effects and solutions in. Majority of them end up stealing or even cheating at work. Onyechere 1996, outline thirty three types of examination malpractice but these can be categorized kalgo, 2001. Forms of examination malpractice in every examination, students develop new methods of perpetrating examination malpractices. Students and staff perceptions on examination malpractice.

Curbing examination malpractices in west african senior school certificate examinations in nigeria. Causes of examination malpractice among secondary school students project material. This work is on examination malpractice and nigerian universities, a case study of rivers state university. Please, sit back and study the below research material carefully. Examination malpractice has become an epidemic in the nations educational system. From the result of the findings, the research discovered the factors involved in the rate examination malpractice infiltration in secondary schools within the geographical domain of ikwo local government area as. Assessing the impact of examination malpractices on the measurement of ability in nigeria 750 are products of examination malpractice have become a reserved army of the unemployable duze, 2011. The finding of examination malpractice is in consonance with the opinion of denga and denga 2008 who affirmed that teachers get involved in examination malpractice dictating answer to students in examination hall in a bid to boast that the school has the highest distinctions and credit passes. Assessing the impact of examination malpractices on the. However, denga and denga 1998 summarized these factors to include. The educational system has for long had serious hit from examination malpractice and this has brought into focus the need to tackle this issues in order of findings ways to eradicate such problems in the light of the above the study looked at examination malpractices in college of education ekiadolor with the view to achieve the following objectives. Examination malpractice, cultism, drug abuse and addict, sexual harassment, rapism etc dzurgba.

A case study of some selected secondary schools in oredo local government area of edo state abstract the purpose of this research work is to find out the course and consequences of examination malpractice in secondary school, using some selected secondary schools in oredo local. Education, examination malpractice, institutions, national. Examination malpractice in nigerian secondary schools weekend times, 2007 geopolitical zone no. Teachers and counsellors rely on them for a comprehensive evaluation of their students and clients. Mrs abstract examination in broad perspective is an instrument for testing, assessing, evaluation and accreditation. The first major examination malpractice was in 1914, when the senior cambridge local examination leaked. Education in nigeria has suffered so many setbacks ranging from poor or inadequate funding, lack of qualified personnel, poor policies, wrong curriculum, inadequate infrastructure and so many others. Download undergraduate projects topics and materials accounting, economics, education. A statistical analysis on examination malpractice among secondary school students a case study of kaduna state, largest undergraduate projects repository, research works and materials. Despite that the federal government has many a time changed the ministers of education in order to overhaul the educational system, the examination malpractice is at the mercy of god. Nigeria is a primary cause of examination malpractice. It is also used for the purpose of selection, placement, certification and promotion.

Examination malpractice comes in diverse forms such as the leakage of examination papers prior to examinations and in such instances, contents of the examination could be disclosed by lecturers, examiners, printers, proof readers or college administrators. A similar situation is the case of takingout examination materials out the examination venue with the aim of taking undue advantage. The mother of all these crimes is examination malpractice. Curbing examination malpractices in west african senior.

First, to achieve the purpose for which it is designed and second, to be a reliable consistent means of measurement wilayat 2009. Examination malpractices can be caused by the following. The overall purpose of this study was to examine the extent to which school administrators try to contain the menace of examination malpractice. In addition, examination malpractices compromise academic standards and as noted by issa 2012, compromising standard is one sure way to mortgage, if not the present, certainly the future of a people. Examination malpractice is a cankerworm that portends grave dangers for the nation. Causes of examination malpractice on the standard of education in nigeria, a case study of abohmbaise l. Jimoh 2009 argued further that anomie situation in nigeria is another factor which has necessitated the problem of examination malpractice. Examination malpractice in senior secondary schools includes abstract and chapter one, complete project material available examination malpractice in senior secondary schools a case study of selected senior secondary schools in ughelli north local government area of delta state abstract the purpose of this research work is to find out.

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