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John kingsley birge has described the alevi as the villageversion of the bektashis. Birge, john kingsley, the bektashi order of dervishes london. Bektashiyyah, turkish bektasi, order of sufi mystics founded, according to their own traditions, by. Dervish, velayetname, sufi orders, heterodox islam, abdal musa. The bektashi order of dervishes john kingsley birge. The teachings of the bektashi sufis nauk bektasijskog tarikata in bosnian. Browne, some notes on the literature and doctrines of the. Rifat efendi, and this treatise was published in 1293 1876. I was aware, from my conversations with him and with others, that they are of a mystical sufist tradition, preach tolerance, love, and peace, and consider some of the traditions of orthodox islam regarding the role of women and the use of alcohol to be distractions from the truth.

While my life probably is not that different than yours, i figured i would give you a glimpse into a normal day in the life of john bektashi. This order had a very tight connection to the janissaries, the infantry units of the ottoman empire coming from the christian population of the ottoman empire. The dervish then cast some pebbles, read them divination as falling good, a priest. A study on bektashi order and bektashi lodges in istanbul abstract this article examines the bektash i lodges in istanbul from the t ime the city was conquered to the times that the lodges were closedtransformedor put under a more strict control after the abolition of. The bektashi order of dervishes by john kingsley birge. The bektashi order formed the left end of the sufi spectrum in the balkans. Idem, further notes on the literature of the hurufis and their connection with the bektashi order of. Birge, the bektashi order of dervishes, london, 1937, pp. The bektashi tariqa was, for centuries, based in turkey, and while nonconformist in.

The bektashi sufi order has long been recognized for its tolerant and broadminded interpretation of islam. There were 17 bektashi saints who stood as the patrons of 17 of the great trade guilds of the. We can also find a novel with the title nur baba written by a famoust turkish writer who also was a bektashi himself yakup kadri karaogsmanoglu. Published with the kind permission of the alevi bektashi research website, which is full of many more interesting articles on the subject and relative topics.

Folk religious practices remain in the bektashiyyah tariqa and certain practices are also found. Bektashi article about bektashi by the free dictionary. My friends and family all think that my life must be so much different because i dont have a boss. The other face of islam during the ottoman reign, numerous bektashi lodges spread across istanbul. The bektashi pages by naim frasheri paperback lulu. When i visited the thenruined teqe, in 1999, i was told. Albanias bektashi are muslim, but some of their practices. In haidaressultan, an old bektashi woman would inhale the sulfurous fumes of a special well in the center of the town, and go into an ecstasy in which she would divine a persons future, much like at the oracle at delphi. John voll georgetown university, washington, dc heather sharkeys nuanced, complex, and unique book stands out because of her focus on a much larger geographical area the ottoman empire, with occasional references to iran and morocco, as well as a longer historical timeframe the 7th through early 20th centuries, with a focus on the. From that period, until now, the property problems start with the. The teachings of the bektashi sufis nauk bektasijskog. Access to society journal content varies across our titles. Pdf the bektashi tarikah of dervishes olsi jazexhi. Some of them or their remains have survived to date such as.

The bektashi order of dervishes john kingsley birge on. A political history of bektashism from ottoman anatolia to. In the case of bektashism as a conglomerationmixture of many. In order to get some clear and crucial information about the bektashi order, we have to study even shortly some historical events which took place at that time of its rise. The order, whose headquarters is in tirana, albania, is mainly found throughout anatolia and the balkans, and was. Baba musa qazim bakalli, who died in 1981 aged 101, was one of the greatest personalities in the spiritual history of kosova. What is the connection between bektashi order and this story tradition. The bektashi sufis should join the kosova sufi union btk. The iarf has recently welcomed the bektashi order of macedonia as a new member group. The bektashi order of dervishes john kingsley birge free ebook download as pdf file. In memory of the late baba tahir emini, ive been reading up on his sect, the bektashi. Ottoman state, except a couple of vakfiyyes, the documents issued by the sultan. Its beleived that haci bektas veli lived between 1208 or 1209 1270 or 1271, but we. A history of muslims, christians, and jews in the middle.

Haci bektas veli and bektashi order all about turkey. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Its marginal position is not only apparent from the geographical position, but also in terms of demographic figure. This well was also associated with a central tomb, which stood out from other local graves in the town because it wasnt. I came across some bektashi jokes which are part of turkish folklore.

In the following paper an attempt has been made to bring together scattered notices from printed sources regarding the geographical distribution of the bektashi sect, as indicated by the position of existing or formerly existing convents of the order. Bektashi order of dervishes by birge, john kingsley. Then comes the book of john kingsley birge, the bektashi order of dervishes published in 1937. The bektashi order of dervishes, london and hartford. The bektashi order of dervishes, along with the qizilbashalevi tribes, seems to be becoming more of a dominant voice from what i can tell and so alevi discourse is generally focused on whether alevism is a separate branch of islam that is simply related to shiism or whether it should be considered a branch of shiite islam itself. Hacibektas and haci bektas veli haci bektas veli and the bektashi order. Bektashi order article about bektashi order by the free. Pdf ritual change in a turkish alevi village researchgate. A political history of bektashism from ottoman anatolia to contemporary turkey albert doja the origin of the bektashi order of dervishes belongs to the many sufi movements of islam that developed in the middle east from the eleventh and twelfth centuries onwards. John kingsley birge, the bektashi order of dervishes, london. If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.

The characteristic of these three poems is that the last 5 john kingsley birge, the bektashi order of dervishes london. It is a branch of the bektashi order of dervishes which has members in 31 countries, with headquarters originally in turkey, now established in albania. It acquired definitive form in the 16th century in anatolia turkey and spread to the ottoman balkans, particularly albania originally one of many sufi orders within orthodox sunni islam, the bektashi order in the 16th century adopted tenets of the. Mount tomorr, near berat, albania, has bektashi tekkas and graves of saints. Bektashi bektashija, an order of dervishes and the members of this order.

He was the head of the entire bektashi order of the. The constantly recurring migrations across central asia brought not only celts and huns, mongols and turkish tribes but thoughts and artifacts from china and india, and spiritual leaders in the classic eastern form of wandering holy mystics. The albanian bektashi sufi tariqa is a heterodox, liberal shia metaphysical order, constituting the only indigenous shia community in europe, except for some alevibektasis in bulgaria and trakya european turkey or thrace, and the descendants of turkish and kurdish immigrants in western europe. The flag of the bektashi sufi order illustration via flags of the world.

Further notes on the literature of the hurufis and their connection with the bektashi order of dervishes. His followers developed an islamic sufi order, with dervishes living in houses or lodges known as tekkes. Avowedly shiah and often antinomian in outlook, their shaykhs known as babas were able to gain sway over rural areas and. Bektashi order of macedonia welcomed into membership the. Are these sufis such humoristic people or is it more like making fun of their beliefs. Dervishes, which was published in 1937, is still an authoritative book as a beginning to the. The bektashi order of dervishes john kingsley birge sufism.

Janissaries were abolished in 1826 and many clerics of the bektashi order came to albania to escape from the persecution of sultan mahmud ii. Publication date 1937 topics ignca collection digitallibraryindia. Bektashi is a relatively obscure sufi order, which used to be spread out in the middle eastern area, but relocated to the territory of albania due to historic events. The beliefs of the bektashi are a mixture of various elements of muslim mainly shiite and christian sectarianism. Bektashi tekke and albanian muslims in america tepian. Bektashi dervishes were allowed to return to their home territory in harabati baba tekke in tetovo. Book from the archaeological survey of india central archaeological library, new delhi. The bektashi tarikah of dervishes olsi jazexhi algiers, 1092007 the bektashis in history the bektashi tarikah of dervishes that nowadays is known as a muslim religious community in albania komuniteti bektashian, is an islamic sufi order tariqat that embraces a considerable portion of the muslim population of albania. Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings.

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